State of Organic Seed

State of Organic Seed is an ongoing project to monitor the status of organic seed systems in the U.S. Our 2011 findings provide the first comprehensive analysis of the barriers and opportunities in building organic seed systems. This report will be updated every few years.


The USDA’s National Organic Program requires the use of organic seed when commercially available. However, the organic seed sector was almost nonexistent when the organic program began, and has not caught up to meet the demand. Data shows that farmers report increased attempts to source organic seed and more pressure from certifiers to do so. Public research in organic plant breeding has increased slightly, with investments from both the public and private sector. Still, lack of organic seed remains a barrier to the growth and success of organic farming. Further investments and collaboration will result in improved availability, quality, and integrity of organic seed.



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"Organic Seed Alliance has been an indispensable resource for our farm, from conducting field trials to producing seed. Organic seed is the cornerstone of our vegetable production. Without varieties that have been bred and selected for organic growing conditions, we would be left with low-vigor crops adapted to high-input farms."


Jim McGreevy

Cloudview Ecofarms

Royal City, Washington